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Martian Smoke #3

Martian Smoke #3

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Writer/ Creator - Arman Nasim, Artist: Valery Aji, Colorist: Chew Teck, Letterer- Anthony Rella, Editor: Moe Price, Designer: Pak Kwan

Lunarverse presents Martian Smoke #3 - After Martian Smoke chases the Rough Riders out of town, she is labeled Persona non Grata by the Mars Parliament. The Royal Family allies itself with a new dark powerful cult known as the Spirit of the Sword and is ordered to hunt down Martian Smoke and bring her to justice as the remaining humans flee back to Mother Earth.

Genre- SEXY, Space Western . NOTE this is a MATURE, NSFW comic book. 

For Fans of: Star Wars & Gears of War

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