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Arman Nasim

Lost Magic Season 5

Lost Magic Season 5

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Writer: Arman Nasim, Artist: Martin Munoz, Colorist: Michael Woods, Editor: Olivia Brooks

The King is gone! There's a mad power grab in the newly formed Kingdom of Abuul. The monsters will come out in droves. 24 pages, color.

What if I told you all the stories you've ever head of monsters are real? They just belong to another world-- inexplicably connect to earth. Every now and then, a portal opens allowing their inhabitants to cross over. This story resides in this lost world. At a time when magic is dying. No one knows why. heroes of all ages must solves this mystery amongst the stars.

THIS IS THE FINALE ISSUE.  It's a massive fantasy sandbox that intertwines the stories of 50+ characters.

Genre-- Fantasy, Horror -- NOTE THIS IS A MATURE BOOK. For Fans of -- Game of Thrones, The Witches, Dungeons and Dragons, MAGIC: The Gathering.

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