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Island Watch #1

Island Watch #1

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Buffy meets Baywatch. Enter the local island competition to become a member of the prestigious Island Watch!

Writer: Yung Haram & the Messiah Artist: Marmew Art, Editor: Madam Mary, Letterer: Johnny Jewel

Sexhouse proudly presents its 2nd comic--A group of friends enter the local island competition to become members of the prestigious Island Watch. But once their fearless Leader goes missing, the new blood must traverse the deep, dangerous secrets of the Island on their own. 

Meet the strategist, Ayanna, the confident one, Kai, Kakoa the Kind and the fearless Scarlet, all new recruits to become watchers, protectors of their beautiful island. Can they all put aside their differences and join together as friends and allies to get through the prestigious watcher exam?

Genre: Sexy, Erotic, Mature-- NOTE this is a comic book.

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