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Arman Nasim

Frankenstein Hearth Found #1

Frankenstein Hearth Found #1

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Writer: Arman Nasim, Artist: Moe Price, Colorist: Vincent Decapua, Letterer: Anthony Rella, Editor: Kate McHugh

An ALL NEW Victor Frankenstein is onto his greatest creation yet. Despite a scarring childhood, and a haunting fortuneteller's prophecy--  the cure to his loneliness is one jolt of electricity away. Get the ORIGIN story only on Kickstarter.

In this reimagining, Frankenstein is a brilliant doctoral student, who has been pushing the limits of his science experiments ever since a child. His mind was never accepted by society, and he was outcast long before he ever understood romantic attraction. 

Now his obsession with life and human connection is colliding, as Victor figures out what he truly wants.

GENRE-  found family story with a twist of horror and destiny, MATURE

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