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Arman Nasim

Elixir #2

Elixir #2

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The Ultimate Monster Hunter Story | 36 pgs, Color, High Gloss

Writer: Arman Nasim, Artist: Pak Kwan, Colorist: Febri Ferdian, Editor: Ashley Earley

A legendary monster hunter meets a newly born embodiment of Death. This becomes his greatest hunt.

Syrus is a legendary monster hunter. but Death crosses into the physical plane, and begins its conquest. Syrus must decide if this is a fight he is willing to take-- in life and in death. And which allies he wants to stand beside him to the end. In a world full of Angels and Demons, stands the shining city of Arcadia -- a beacon of hope to humanity. Led by a Princess and her Chariot, the city of Arcadia prepares its defenses.


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