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Super Puff Chicks #1

Super Puff Chicks #1

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Sexhouse proudly presents its 5th comic-- Super Puff Chicks #1-- After the super powered villianesses take over CITYVILLE, its up to the scientist who created them and his pet monkey to save the day.

For Fans of:  Powerpuff Girls x The Boys

Genre: Sexy, Erotic, Mature-- NOTE this is a comic book. Contains s3x scenes.

Meet the Characters:

Doctor Moscovium- Scientist who created the Super Puff Chicks and now has to find a way to stop them
MoMo- Super cute Monkey 
SWEETY- the leader, wears RED/PINK, is a jerk and rules over CITYVILLE and her sisters with an iron fist
JUICY- silly, aloof, loves to nap, sleep and is very horny
CANDY- has a temper,  hates to be a subordinate

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